Amor & Psyche

(pedagogically enhanced version)

Our pasticcio Amor & Psyche is performed in its entirety with the addition of a fun and information-packed slide show* which runs concurrently with the live performance, creating a living textbook. The slides cover everything from Baroque performance practices, musical terms, and cultural footnotes to facts about the composers and the voices and instruments. The presentation is copiously illustrated with baroque art depictions to amplify the plot and the educational material and instructs on multiple levels simultaneously. Developed for the Music Humanities course at Columbia University.

Forces for Educational A&P:

  • 3 singers (Amor, Psyche, and Everyone Else)
  • ensemble of 3 instrumentalists
  • 1 projectionist
  • 70 minutes of music,
  • intermission optional
  • * requires a projector and screen

Classroom presentation

Pedagogical Amor & Psyche